5 of the Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids

Birthdays are specials and no one realizes it better than kids. Before they become adults and loose the sense of amazement that comes with birthdays, it is important for parents to celebrate their kids birthdays and  make them realizes how special the occasion is. The significance of birthdays aside, it is quite difficult to meet your kid’s expectation when it comes to gifts. Choosing a gift for children is probably one of the hardest decision for a parent and with the abundance of interesting and innovative gifts out there, the choice is harder than ever. So, here are some of the best gifts you can give to your kid this year.

Tail Blankets

If your child is younger than five years old, nothing will make them happier than tail blankets. This is specially true for little girls who dream of becoming a mermaid princess one day. The blankets come in various designs, colors and are shaped like a mermaid’s tail, in which your kid can put his or her legs. It can protect them from cold since they are made from excellent wool and other fabrics. You can choose from any of the designs available on both shops and online outlets.

Bobblehead Cake

Kids like funny things and a cake decorated with custom bobbleheads might just be enough to make your child’s birthday worthwhile. Parents especially need to put much thought and consideration into planning a perfect birthday cake because cakes are often the highlight of birthday parties. You can order personalized bobblehead figurine of your kid or his favorite super hero from various gift stores and online websites at a reasonable price.

Princess Castle Piggybank

It is important to teach young kids the significance of saving money however, few kids are interested in saving their pocket money instead of spending it on snacks. But if the piggy bank is alluring enough, you may change their mind. There are various piggybanks designed in the shape of princess’s castle that you can gift them this birthday. Moreover, boys will find other shapes such as cars or spacecraft piggybanks that available in the market, better suited to their taste.

Snacks Basket

One of the best gift that no kid can reject is definitely snacks. You can put together your kids favorite snacks in a decorative basket and wrap it up as their present. In order to to please your child even more, you can add new snacks and special birthday cupcakes in multiple flavors that your kid will enjoy. However, if you are worried about cavities due to eating too many sweets, you can always replace a few snacks with small toys and puzzles that kids will enjoy discovering.

Story Books

Not all kids like sweets and toys on their birthdays, if your child is of the literary sort, he or she may prefer books to other things. New story books are a perfect birthday gift for children who likes to read. In addition, you can buy them merchandise such as backpacks, slippers, coloring books, stationary, mugs, etc, of their favorite story book characters.